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HASTINGS, Bay of Plenty

HASTINGS, located in the Hawke's Bay region, is a bustling city known for its beautiful wineries and vibrant atmosphere. The local favourite, The Elbow Room Sports Bar, offers a warm environment and a selection of Poker Machines for entertainment. The bar also houses a TAB for sports betting enthusiasts and Keno for those looking for a fun game to play. While there isn't a casino available in HASTINGS, the city's lively surroundings and friendly community make it a great spot for a relaxing night out with friends.

Pubs from HASTINGS, Bay of Plenty

Zabeels Sports Bar

Address: 115 King Street North HASTINGS CENTRAL
Phone: (06) 8708 539

Elbowroom Sports Bar

Address: 1001 Tomoana Road
Phone: (06) 8786 934

TRNZ Hastings

TRNZ Hastings

Address: 300 Prospect Road
Phone: (06) 8734 545

Magpies Hastings

Address: 116 King Street North
Phone: (06) 8710 682

Horse & Hound Hawkes Bay

Address: 1012 Karamu Road North, Mayfair Shopping Centre
Phone: (06) 8748 668

Stortford Lodge Branch

Address: 1017 Heretaunga Street West
Phone: (06) 8709 390

National Service Club

Address: Market Street
Phone: (06) 8789 582

Clubs Hastings

Clubs Hastings

Address: 308 Victoria Street
Phone: (06) 8788 808


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