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Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Local Pokies is your own online pub directory dedicated for clubbers and nightlife fans in New Zealand who can share their experiences in the best pubs across the country. It is one hub to locate any new pub or review existing one and give the honest feedback to local community as well as visitors. Also find the best entertainment spot or exciting event which will surely be a thrilling adventure for you.

Can I list my Pub or a Pub I know on LocalPokies?

Yes, you can list your pub or a pub you know somewhere in New Zealand to Local Pokies. The process is quick and easy to list your pub. What’s more, it’s free!

What you need to do is go to Home Page and you will find in the above menu bar ‘Add a Pub’ Click on it and you will open the page to add a pub with a form where you have to fill the required information. You will be required to enter the Pub Name you wish to add, Post Code of the Pub which should be a valid Zip code so that based on it suburb and state will be auto-detected. Under Optional Information describe in maximum 2000 characters the pub details and about the pub. Next in the Pub Photo add photo of the Pub, then add Pub Address, Pub Phone, Pub Website if any, your email address and finally click on Submit Pub. Once you have listed your business, you will see it within 48 hours update.

What are LocalPokies listing rules?

There are few simple rules to follow to list your Pub.

The business name should be the registered name or a domain name.

Each word must start with capital letter without any extra description

Your pub can only have 1 priority whether it is basic or free listing per pub.

If you have an operational place in specific location, you need to purchase priority or basic listing based on the physical location. You will be required to prove the location.

Why does LocalPokies let users vote and comment on Pubs?

Local Pokies knows how important the voting and feedback is. As this gives a review about the pub you have listed and it helps the visitors to judge a Pub before hand to enjoy the place or not. After all every one wants a good reputed Pub where they can relax with fine drinks, great customer service and have fun. This feedback therefore results the standard of the Pub and its services. Also in terms of business the more good the feedback the more customers visiting the Pub.

How I request a listing change or a new photo?

In case you want to make changes to the listed pub that you entered before or wish to edit it or add something new to it like a new photo or something new that is coming to that pub then simply log in, go to your listed Pub, same form will open again, do the editing like adding or deleting, change the photo if you want and simply update. Remember all the text part you need to do in maximum 2000 characters so take care of that.

How do I write a comment?

Writing a comment for a Pub is also very simple process. Just click on the Pub you wish to comment on. You will find below the Pub name address and description a comment box which says “Add a Comment”. You write your comment there and simply click on Post. If you do wish to share your comment on our Facebook Page then check box ‘Also Post On Facebook’ and submit Post.

Who will read my comments?

Well your comment is very valuable to Local Pokies so the reader out there who are looking and searching for Pubs will read your comments. Your comments are feedback which can help others take a decision to visit a particular Pub or not. So do not hesitate to comment. In other way you are helping lots of people.

Are comments and listings moderated?

Yes, we moderate listings and comments before we publish them. As Local Pokies do not wish to publish any obscene, rude, hatred remark but wants to convey the message politely to the readers. We take utmost care in moderating listings and comments that hurt no one neither harm any one in any way.

How should pubs deal with negative comments?

Pubs want positive feedback. But honest criticism is also necessary. You can respond to the pub review by adding another one below the comment. If you have an advertised feature, you can simply put the positive comments on top of the negative ones.

How I report an incorrect listing?

You can click on the flag icon found on each pub review. Also you can contact us by filling the web form by entering subject, your email and in message box just enter what you wish to inform us and click submit and we will at once get back to you and hear your grievance.

How I advertise with LocalPokies?

You can choose to advertise your pub for free or paid service. Paid service advertisement has more features in terms of search result and comments. You can contact us from the contact page and let us know if you wish to advertise with Local Pokies for paid service to get better attention. We are always there to help you in every possible way.